• 名人传记 亚历山大·格雷厄姆·贝尔--电话发明者的故事


    It is such a common occurrence that no one ever wonders from whence it came. But the telephone has a fascinating story behind it, one that could be entitled. "The Conquest of Solitude. " It is the story of Alexander Graham Bell. 这件事太不足为奇了,所以没有人会去猜想它是怎么发生的。但是电话的背后却有一个引人入胜的故事,可以题名为“征服孤寂”。这就是亚历山大·... 查看详细

  • 汤姆的借口


                    Tom"s excuse Teacher: Tom, why are you late for school every day? 老师:汤姆,您为什么每天上学迟到? Tom: Every time I come to the corner, a sign says, "School-Go Slow". 汤姆:我每次路过拐角,一个路标上面写着:“学校----慢行。”... 查看详细

  • 金鱼


    Goldfish Stan: I won 92 goldfish.斯丹:我赢了 92 条金鱼。 Fred: Where are you going to keep them?弗雷德:你想在哪儿养它们? Stan: In the bathroom 。斯丹:浴室。 Fred: But what will you do when you want to take a bath?弗雷德:但是你想洗澡时怎么办? Stan: Blindfold them!斯丹:蒙住它们的眼睛!... 查看详细

  • An absent-minded professor


    心不在焉的神父 No doubt about it, my fellow monk, Father Martin, was a bit of an absent-minded professor. He often filled in for sick priests at other parishes, and one Saturday he found himself on a train to a new destination, frantically searching his pockets for his ticket. "Forget about it, Father,... 查看详细

  • the snorer


    瞌睡者 The preacher was vexed because a certain member of his congregation always fell asleep during the sermon. 牧师非常生气,因为总有一个人在他说教时打瞌睡。 As the man was snoring in the front row one Sunday, the preacher determined he would teach him not to sleep during the sermon. So, in a whisper, he asked the cong... 查看详细

  • 2006德国世界杯足球赛32强口号


    德国世界杯32强口号(按字母顺序排列)安哥拉: Angola lead the way, our team is our people. (安哥拉领跑,我们全民皆兵)阿根廷: Get up, Argentina are on the move. (起来,阿根廷在行动)澳大利亚: Australia""s socceroos-bound for glory. (足球袋鼠-注定辉煌)巴西: Vehicle monitored by 180 million brazilian hearts. (被一亿八千万颗心关注的巴西战车)哥斯达黎加: Our army is the team, our weap... 查看详细

  • 谁的父亲更强壮


    Whose Father Was the Stronger Will and Bill were quarrelling about whose father was the stronger. Will said, "Well, you know the Pacific Ocean ? My father"s the one who dug the hole for it." Bill wasn"t impressed, "Well, that"s nothing. You know the Dead Sea ? My father"s the one who killed it!"... 查看详细

  • 采购过早


    Early Shopper It was Christmas and the judge was in a benevolent mood as he questioned the prisoner. "What are you charged with?" he asked. "Doing my Christmas shopping early," replied the defendant. "That"s no offense," replied the judge, "How early were you doing this shopping?" "Before... 查看详细

  • 长寿秘诀


    Secret For a Long Life A woman walks up to a little old man rocking in a chair on his porch. "I couldn"t help noticing how happy you look," she says. "What"s your secret for a long, happy life?" "I smoke three packs a day, drink a case of whiskey a week, eat fatty foods and never, ever ex... 查看详细

  • 爸爸,您玩吧


    A father of five came home with a toy, summoned his children and asked which one of them should be given the present, “Who is the most obedient, never talks back to mother and does everything he or she is told?” he inquired. There was silence and then a chorus of voices: “You play with it, Da... 查看详细

  • 最好的奖赏


    Best Reward A naval officer fell overboard. He was rescued by a deck hand. The officer asked how he could reward him. “The best way, sir,” said the deck hand, “is to say nothing about it. If the other fellows knew I’d pulled you out, they’d chuck me in.” 最好的奖赏 一名海军军官从甲板上掉入海中。他被一名甲板水手救起。这位军官问... 查看详细

  • 第二步怎么办


    Once two hunters went hunting in the forest. One of them suddenly fell down by accident. He showed the whites of his eyes and seemed to have ceased breathing. The other hunter soon took out his mobile phone to call the emergency center for help. The operator said calmly: “First, you should make ... 查看详细

  • 天气预报


    Weather Predict A film crew was on location deep in the desert. One day an old Indian went up to the director and said, “Tomorrow rain.” The next day it rained. A week later, the Indian went up to the director and said, “Tomorrow storm.” The next day there was a hailstorm. “This Indian is i... 查看详细

  • 猫和老鼠


    Cat and Mice Mrs. Brown went to visit one of her friend and carried a small box with holes punched in the top. “What’s in your box?” asked the friend. “A cat,” answered Mrs. Brown. “You see I’ve been dreaming about mice at night and I’m so scared! This cat is to catch them.” “But the mice... 查看详细

  • 保证没走错


    In a cinema during a performance one of the audiences gets up, makes his way along the row of seats and goes out into the foyer. A few minutes later he returns and asks the man sitting at the head of the row: “Excuse me, was it your foot I stepped on when I was going out a moment... 查看详细

  • 百分之百


    Patient: Doctor, please tell me the truth. What are my chances of recovery? Doctor: Just one hundred percent! Statistics show that only nine out of ten die of the disease. Now,nine of my patients have already died of it. You are the tenth! 病人:大夫,请告诉我实话。我恢复的机会有多大? 大夫:百... 查看详细

  • 爸爸和猴子


    Tommy was four, and he liked pictures very much, but he was very bad at drawing. One day he wanted to draw a picture of his father, when he looked at the picture he had drawn, he was not happy. “Well,” he said to his father at last, “I will put a tail on it and make it a monkey.” ... 查看详细

  • 昂贵的代价


    Dentist: I’m sorry, madam, but I’ll have to charge you twenty-five dollars for pulling your son’s tooth. Mother: Twenty-five dollars! But I thought you only charged five dollars for an extraction. Dentist: I usually do. But your son yelled so loud, he scared four other patients out of the o... 查看详细

  • 粗心的医生


    Doctor: How are you now, Mr. Gibson, after your heart operation? Mr. Gibson: Well, Doctor, I’m fine, but I seem to have two heartbeats. Doctor: Oh, dear, I wondered where my wristwatch had gone. 医生:你好,吉布森先生,心脏手术后感觉怎么样? 吉布森先生:我很好,医生,可是我觉得有两颗心脏在跳。 医生:噢,天哪,我想知道我的手表哪儿去了。 ... 查看详细

  • 第二个老婆


    A rich man and his wife went into a shop to buy a bracelet. Neither of them was very young. They looked at a lot of beautiful bracelets, and after half an hour there were two which they liked very much, but they had not yet been able to choose between them. One of them was very expensive, ... 查看详细

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